Five video tips for beginners

There’s a lot of talk about video content at the moment and I don’t see it slowing down. Every Tom, Dick and Harry are posting videos on LinkedIn, I have to admit some of them are pretty good, others are pretty awful.

In this blog I’m going to outline some areas you should be focusing on when putting a video out to the world.

1. The perfect video length. Allow me to tell you a secret… there isn’t one. However this doesn’t mean you should ramble on for 10 minutes about something that not many people are going to relate to. A good length to keep people engaged for on a single topic/point is around the 3 minute mark, if you can get your point across in 2 minutes that’s even better.

2. Make sure it’s engaging and relevant. This ties in with the first point. You really need to think about your video topic before you start filming, otherwise what could have been a fantastic video quickly turns to garbage. Really think about who you want to engage with through your content, try not to make your topics or points too broad. If there’s something big happening in your sector it’s a prime opportunity to get a video out there, you’ll look like a real industry leader/expert.

3. Reach your target audience, this again ties into my last point. Knowing who you’re targeting with a video is important, however this doesn’t mean target a very select few people. Think about what people in your industry or potential clients would be interested in hearing.

4. Don’t use a script. This is a vital, many people want to write down exactly what they want to say before shooting a video. Whilst it seems like a good idea on the surface, it really isn’t. Trying to follow a script, or worse yet reading from it. Reading from a script means you aren’t talking directly to the viewer. Trying to follow a script will just get you in a muddle. Get a video topic/idea together, get some crucial bullet points together and practice this will get you on the best path to an engaging video.

5. Location, Location, Location. Don’t film in a noisy café, room with poor lighting etc. You don’t need a professional lighting set up to get a good image, finding a strong source of natural light facing you is the best bet. Any background noise will distract the viewer and cause them to immediately lose focus. Finding a nice quiet and will lit space in your house/office will do wonders for the outcome of your video.

Following these basic steps drastically change the outcome of your video content. Remember you don’t need a professional camera/lighting setup. Your phone on a steady surface will do just fine.

You can watch my five video tips for beginners video here:

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