Adding Value Through

your content

In this age of everyone and their dog pushing out content across a range of platforms it’s easy to lose track of what’s actually being offered as a take away.

Ever put out what you thought was a fantastic piece of content and it hasn’t gained the traction you hoped it would? I know I have. I quickly looked at what I was publishing and realised I needed to be offering people real value through my content, something they could take away and would stick with them.

To those who don’t know me so well, I produce video content for individuals, businesses and events. At the start of this year I decided to start putting my own video content together, it was a given to attract more custom as well as appear as more of an industry leader/expert. I had a long think about the topics I would put across on camera, I scrapped many of my ideas as I kept asking myself ‘does this really offer value and would I watch it?’

I eventually got 3 video ideas together, I made sure they weren’t too similar and that people could differentiate between them. Most importantly I wrote down what I was actually offering people through the videos, these were useful tips and information that would stick with the viewer.

I put out my first video of the year and it grossed 1,000 views within the first 18 hours and received some fantastic engagement (comments, private messages, people bringing it up in person). I was very pleased with the result.

But how can you actually add value through YOUR content? I’ll let you know:

  • If you’re targeting people in your industry, have you got some information, a story or some tips you think you could share with them that would directly benefit and stick with them? It can of course be difficult to think this up but something will come to you if you keep the question in the back of your mind for a couple of days.


  • If you’re making a video make sure you’re speaking as if you’re sat in front of a potential client, ensure you come across as professional but friendly. Video is the best way to offer value as it has the highest levels of engagement compared to other mediums.


  • Think of the content as something that will directly benefit someone else and not just yourself, this will get you in the right mindset before filming a video/publishing the content. People will clock on to the fact that you aren’t just in it for yourself.


You can watch my video on offering value through your content here:


If you’d like to talk more about offering value through your content or would like to get some professional and engaging video content together then please get in-touch. / / 07480 791373