Editing Services

If you need a professionally edited video and already have the required footage then we can help. We can add a variety of elements to give any video a professional look. Whether you need clean cut video, something a little more adventurous, an informational, Vlog, cinematic, promotional or event video we have you covered. 

Below is a list of elements we can use to put your video together to give it a professional look:

Transitions: We can add anything from a simple fade between clips to a smooth and sleek transition that will give you video the 'wow' factor.

Colour/Filter processing: We can give your video clips a more visually pleasing look by changing colour elements such as contrast and vibrancy and add filters to your footage to ensure it fits the look you're going for.

Speed up/slow down footage: We can speed up or slow down your footage. This is helpful for time lapses or perhaps something that would look great in slow motion.

Smooth out shaky footage: Sometimes your footage isn't as smooth as you like it to be. We can use our professional video tools to smooth out your footage to give it that professionally shot look.

Text: We can add any text you like, whether it's your name or other important information. 

Voice over: If you have a prerecorded voice over we can edit it in over your chosen footage. Alternatively tell us what you'd like the voice over to say and we can record it using one of our professional microphones.

Zoom in/pan across footage: We can zoom in on subject and also pan across your footage.

Music: We can add copyright free music to your video. There are some great free to use music tracks out there, we tend to stay away from the cheesy stuff.

If you spot something you like in one of the videos we've produced let us know and we can do the same for you. Contact us today to let us know of a video you would like put together and quotation. 

*All editing will be charged at £30 per hour. Video edit example - 15 minutes of footage cut down to a 5 minute video with text and transitions, total price £60.*