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Online marketing campaigns

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Online marketing campaigns should be a part of any marketing strategy. They enable you to reach a larger audience who're interested in your product or service.

Drive users to your website, online store, app or social media pages.

What is an online marketing campaign?

Put simply, it's a way to drive more traffic to your chosen online medium. This could be your website, online store, app or social media page(s).

This is done through a combination of great imagery, copy and detailed audience research/targeting.

At The Visual Edge we can learn about your business, products, services and customers to generate the perfect campaign to drive more customers to your business, increase brand recognition and sales.

Which mediums work best? Facebook has proven to have the largest user base and offers the most detailed targeting. We use this platform most to garner the most engagement for our clients and requires less ad spend than you might think.

Instagram is another favourite of ours, being a purely visual social media network, we ensure that we create the perfect imagery and video content for your marketing campaigns. We always favour running Facebook and Instagram campaigns side by side to reach an ever wider audience.

Google Adwords - Perfect if you're looking to just drive users towards specific pages on your website. Google offers great in depth analytics on specific terms that your customers will be searching for such as number of searches per month, location and more.

Product based business have proven to amass the most engagement and sales however this is not to say that with the right copy and imagery your service based business couldn't receive the same levels of engagement.

Our online marketing campaigns start from just £150 pcm plus your choice of level of ad spend. Please get in touch to discuss further and a free consultation. We can provide examples of our work if you wish.