social media


Social media should be a major part of your marketing strategy. Many businesses unfortunately don't use it to their advantage, this can be because they simply don't have the time or don't see the value in it.

We offer social media management packages to allow you to get on with building your business and servicing clients whilst we build your social media presence and help it become another valued sales channel and way to communicate with your target market.

how does it work?

1. We'll first look through your website and gather any accurate information we need to promote your business. We'll then assess your social media pages and ensure they're all up to date with the correct and latest information. Don't worry if you don't have any pages set up, we can do this for you.

2. Then we create an image bank of all of your finest images. Again, don't worry if you don't have many great images that make your business shine, we can come and take some for you. Alternatively we can use stock images from the large libraries available to us.

3. We then begin to craft social media posts tailored to each social platform using images to catch the eye of current and potential clients. We also use relevant hashtags to ensure you're getting as many eyes on your business as possible. You can choose how many posts go out each month on each platform.

4. We'll monitor your posts to see which platforms they're performing best on. Once we've been publishing social posts for a month we'll put together a report so you can see the increased engagement your business has had. Reports will continue to be produced each month.

Please feel free to ask to see examples of our work.